Fossil echinoderms: biodiversity, systematics, & evolution

Echinoderms are represented by more than 7,000 species in today’s oceans and include familiar animals such as starfish, sea urchins, and sand dollars. Within the echinoderms, my taxonomic specialty is the Crinoidea (feather stars and sea lilies). Crinoids comprise an evolutionary lineage of reef-dwelling to deep water echinoderms represented by more than 8,000 fossil species that span ~480 million years of geologic history.

My research on crinoid systematics has resulted in a major phylogenetic revision of the Class Crinoidea (Wright et al., 2017), identified links between development in extant and fossil species to inform homology statements (Wright, 2015; Ausich et al., 2020), and led to the discovery new taxa, including 17 new species, 5 genera, and 1 family (e.g., Wright 2017a-b; Wright & Toom, 2017; Wright et al., 2019).

I have been actively involved in projects documenting new echinoderm species and occurrences from exceptionally well-preserved faunas from around the world, including the Ordovician Brechin Lagerstätte of Ontario, the oldest Paleozoic crinoids of the Baltic paleocontinent (Wright & Toom, 2017), and a re-evaluation of the oldest putative echinoderm from the early Cambrian of China and its implications for deuterostome evolution (Zamora et al., 2020). My current focus is on crinoid origins (both total-group and crown group) and the construction of supertrees for Ordovician-early Silurian species.

Representative publications

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