I have a passion for studying fossils in their full geological and stratigraphic context. My fieldwork activities involve collaborations with several colleagues, including Drs. Lucy Chang (NMNH, Smithsonian Institution), Laura Soul (NMNH, Smithsonian Institution), Selina Cole (AMNH), and Melanie Hopkins (AMNH).

Recent excursions include:

Stratigraphic patterns of taxonomic diversity change in marine invertebrate faunas across the Ordovician—Silurian boundary in Anticosti Island (Canada).

The early Paleozoic sedimentary rocks of Anticosti Island preserve one of the most complete stratigraphic sections of the Late Ordovician — early Silurian section in the world and therefore provides a unique window into reconstructing physical and biological changes spanning the end-Ordovician mass extinction and recovery.

My interests in geologic fieldwork on Anticosti Island spans multiple, interdisciplinary projects. I am currently leading an study examining stratigraphic changes in morphological disparity of crinoid columnals & attachment structures across the Ordovician–Silurian, and am involved in another project using brachiopods (and other clades) to test whether the end-Ordovician mass extinction exhibits a signature of body-size selectivity.

Finally, a by-product of this fieldwork has led to the discovery of new taxa and occurrences of fossil echinoderms and trilobites, I am currently involved in their descriptions with Drs. Melanie Hopkins (AMNH) and Selina Cole (AMNH). Summer 2018-2019, Future fieldwork: August 11-30, 2020

Stratigraphy and early paleocommunity structure of the Western Interior Seaway of the Bighorn and Wind River basins, Wyoming (Albian-Cenomanian, Cretaceous). Summer 2018
Stratigraphy, sedimentology, and echinoderm paleoecology of Carboniferous carbonates from the Brooks Range, Alaska. Summer 2017